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Cosmos Circus (NeonDreams X ROA)

Cosmos Circus (NeonDreams X ROA)

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Jacob Roa


Mexican artist

Roa is one of those artists who buys a "one way" ticket, opposes the abstract through realism, and the emotional through intellectualism, spontaneous with a compositional strategy of chaos, rescues colors and Mexican identity through surrealist characters and full of magic.

With studies at the art school in Oaxaca Mexico in his early years he has had the opportunity to exhibit in galleries and museums in Mexio, USA, Canada and some cities in Europe, as well as work on large format murals for important companies such as Warner Music Mexico.

With 12 years of professional career, his style that he calls "MEXICAN CHIC" captures the essence of the Mexican spirit of Tequila and Day of the Dead.


LED Stripes mit Silikon Hülle

Acrylglas 6mm

CH/EU Stecker

Metallkette für Montage


Die Schilder werden auf Bestellung angefertigt und werden zwischen 10 und 16 Tagen geliefert.

Der Versand ist Gratis.

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