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German artist

I am often asked: "How long have you been painting?" I then say, "Always." At least as far back as I can remember.

Started with colored pencils in kindergarten like probably every child.

But even then I noticed how much fun I had with my ideas and thoughts
and to be able to present ideas visually.

When I got my hands on a Werner book from my uncle for the first time in elementary school, I was hooked and the world of comics cast a spell over me.

In the next few years, countless drawings would find their place on paper or on school desks.

One day I painted with my three children together with a 0815 paint box, took a larger piece of cardboard and quickly
I noticed that I am also enthusiastic about painting with a brush and on formats larger than A4 and then I ended up with canvases and acrylic paints.

Now my plan is to conquer the world with colorful pictures and my personal style.


Daniel ✌️

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