Neon Dreams Business Solutions

For all interior designers who want to spice up their customers' ambiance in a unique and aesthetic way,


- custom neon signs
- neon artworks
- LED outdoor signs

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Neon Artworks

We collaborate with artists from around the world to create our famous Neon Artworks. For our Art Basel Miami 2022 exhibitions we created some amazing limited editions. Check them out on our Online Shop, we have a variety of different styles and also some original painted artworks.

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Features & Benefits of our LED Neon Signs

High-quality, energy-efficient (up to 75% less than original Neon Signs)

Customizable designs to fit any business and brand

Wide range of sizes and shapes available

Durable and long-lasting with over 50'000 hours lifespan

Free design consultation

We like to get to know our customers to understand their needs.
Arrange a zoom meeting with us right now to talk about your ideas and our possibilities to create a stunning ambiance for your customers with our LED Neon Signs.

We look forward to getting to know you and supporting you!

After our design consultation, we provide you with free mockups (technical drawings for illustration purpose) of your individual neon signs and create an attractive offer for you.

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Use our form to get to your individual neon sign as quickly as possible. With the form you can send us all the necessary data so that we can create a mockup and an offer for you.

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Guide to create perfect Neon Sign for your brand

We created a guide which will help you to created the perfect LED neon signs for your brand.We will send you our guid via email for free.